About Us

Our Vision

Mission Statement

Inspiring the world by creating and sharing content on good social and environmental initiatives and empowering youth through education.

Our Values

10:10 Media Productions has been fuelled since day one to have a creative, innovative response to help able-bodied ex-offenders and other disadvantaged individuals. Hence, we have gone forth to establish a sustainable social enterprise model based on:


We want to be that spark that ignites your action for good at full speed.


Through creating and sharing knowledge, every person can learn how to do good.


Every person has the right and capability to carry out good deeds.

Master Trainers

The Advisory Board

Founding Story

Founder Edmund Low has been inspired from the most modest of our planet's living things to the greatest thinkers of the human race. What if there can be one place that focuses on stories of positive impact where people can come to search for inspiration? 

10:10 Media Productions was founded to create and share content on social and environmental initiatives that will inspire action for good. By engaging the next generation in the creation of such content, it will give them a deeper personal connection to it, hence we incorporate training programs for youth in our operations. 

10:10 Media Productions strives to be a beacon of positive impact.

Our Journey

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